Argos Systems provides Vertex BD building design software
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LightWork designs advanced software components for rendering and simulation.
Spatial Technologies produces the Spatial object-oriented, 3D geometric modeling toolkit, designed for use as a 'geometry engine' within 3D modeling applications. ACIS customers include Comerica software developers, in-house developers, and R&D organizations.
TRUSS D&E Steel Truss Design Software is an integrated design and estimating software program for cold-formed steel trusses. Truss shapes generated in Vertex BD may be transferred to Truss D&E for design and analysis of truss members. Resulting truss members may then be transferred back into Vertex BD.
Howick Frame/Truss Machine For over 30 years "Howick" has been manufacturing steel framing machines that can place all of the required fixing holes and location dimples through computer control. The ongoing product development has led to the "Howick Frame Machine" which has been specifically designed for Frame Manufacturers to make their production as easy and efficient as possible and can be fed manufacturing data from Vertex BD.
20-20 Technologies Inc. is the world's leading supplier of software for designing kitchens and baths. 20-20 products are supported by more than 1,000 manufacturers around the world, with more than 80,000 licenses sold to date. 20-20 products are available in 100 countries and in 20 languages. 20-20 Technologies is a privately-held corporation with its world headquarters in Laval, Quebec, Canada. For more information, visit
AMS Controls provides state-of-the-art electronic controls that are exclusively designed and engineered to meet the individual needs of roll forming operations, including blank fed and coil fed machines such as tube mills, cut-to-length machines, and extrusion lines.
Rosette Systems is the technology leader in supplying cold-formed steel framing technology and production systems for whole-house component manufacturing and specialty truss plants. Rosette automates member production on a Just-In-Time member forming line and component assembly with a proprietary technology, the Rosette connector. The strong connector secures high material efficiency in framing member design. Rosette lines are controlled by directly utilizing Vertex BD design-generated NC-data.