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Argos Systems - January 2011 Newsletter

2011 Vertex Global Vision

Click Here to download our new 2011 Vertex Global Vision magazine and read about how companies all over the world are using Vertex BD.

Argos Systems invites you to

The 2011 NAHB International Builders' Show

January 12-15, 2011

Orlando, FL

Visit us at booth W4676 in the nextBuild area to see how the latest features in our Vertex BD building design software can help streamline your business.

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Argos Systems is Proud to Sponsor

Construction Solutions with
Cold-Formed Steel Framing 2010

Speaker: Don Allen, P.E.

January 13, 2011

Orlando, FL

As owners work to squeeze more from every construction dollar, builders and developers are realizing the long- and short-term benefits of mid-rise steel framing: for residential construction, and multi-unit living facilities such as barracks, dormitories, hotels, condominiums, and retirement communities. Although new to some areas of the country, mid-rise cold-formed steel framing works well as a total framing package, or with other structural elements such as structural steel, reinforced concrete, composite deck, trusses, steel joists, and other framing elements. Learn how steel framing has been used with other systems in mid-rise to create strong, straight dimensionally stable structures, while allowing builders to enjoy better rates on builders risk insurance and faster construction cycle time with panelized construction.

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Upgrade to Version 16.0

As always, Vertex BD upgrades are FREE OF CHARGE for everyone actively participating in our Support and Maintenance program, including all software rentals!

Not on support? For a limited time, upgrades from version 14.0 and up may be purchased at 50% off the regular license price. Each upgraded license includes 1 hour of service for upgrading customized environments. If required, additional service time may be purchased at standard customization rates.

SPECIAL - Purchase an upgrade and receive a 30% discount for 1 year of our Support and Maintenance program!

For details, call (781) 271-9111 or email us at:

What is Vertex BD?

Vertex BD is an advanced building design software for wood and light gauge steel framed construction. This stand alone software application maximizes productivity and accuracy by generating data from ONE SOURCE:

    • architectural layouts
    • interior & exterior elevations
    • structural layouts
    • fabrication drawings
    • material reports
    • manufacturing data
    • rendered images
    • 3D models

Vertex BD features the industry leading automatic house options system and the most customizable wood and light gauge steel framing generators available, saving countless hours and drastically reducing material waste. Manufacturing data may be transferred directly to automated equipment. Material reports may be exported to project management systems.

Argos Systems provides software sales and rentals, onsite training, customization services, and software support and maintenance for our parent company, Vertex Systems.

Increase Efficiency, Minimize Investment

Many builders continue to operate with a reduced staff. Implementing technology such as Vertex BD will give your team the tools needed to meet increasing demands. Making large investments in technology may be difficult these days, and that is why Argos Systems has introduced a new software rental option. By renting Vertex BD, you can take advantage of all the benefits without all of the upfront costs.

*Support and maintenance is included with software rentals. Annual support and maintenance service may be purchased separately from purchase of software. Please contact Argos Systems for details.

For more details, visit www.argos.com

We Made It EASY!

Request your free Vertex BD Trial CD Now!

Click here to request pricing and your

Free 30-day Trial of
Vertex BD

for wood or cold-formed steel construction.

some restrictions apply

- Software Feedback -

Are there features you would like to see in Vertex BD?

We incorporate customer feedback into our development plans to make sure we continue to produce software solutions to fit your needs.

E-mail us at:

- Featured User Tip -

Speed Up
Model Rotation

Vertex BD automatically hides smaller objects in order to make the model move faster on the screen. You can specify different size limits for when you want to hide entire objects or just their outlines, and different limits for when the model is rotating or static. Higher limits mean more objects will be hidden, resulting in a faster model.

These controls can be adjusted by selecting the Shaded menu item from the Settings menu.

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