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Argos Systems - April 2011 Newsletter

Vertex BD Version 17.0 is Here!

Vertex BD has come a long way over the years. Version 17.0 takes us even further with more enhancements to the user interface and new features that make the software even more powerful than it already was.

Version 17.0 upgrades are in progress, and are FREE OF CHARGE for everyone actively participating in our Support and Maintenance program, including all software rentals! A representative will be contacting you to schedule your upgrade.

Not on support? For a limited time, you can purchase an upgrade from version 15.0 and up for just 50% of the regular license price. Each upgraded license includes 1 hour of service for upgrading customized environments. If required, additional service time may be purchased at standard customization rates.

For details, call (781) 271-9111 or email us at:

Our Website is Getting Updates, too.

Argos.com has been getting some updates recently, making easier to learn about the different Vertex BD packages, pricing, and about our company. We have also added a few demo videos from our trade shows, and FAQ's for those of you deciding if Vertex BD is the right application for your company. There's even a new link to request a Quote, making it easier to get custom pricing information.

The User Tips page has grown, too. We have consolidated all the user tips from past newsletters together on one page, and will continue to add new ones each month.

2011 Vertex Global Vision

Click Here to download our new
2011 Vertex Global Vision Magazine

Read about how companies all over the world are using Vertex BD.

What is Vertex BD?

Vertex BD is an advanced building design software for wood and cold-formed steel framed construction. This stand alone software application maximizes productivity and accuracy by generating data from ONE SOURCE:

    • architectural layouts
    • interior & exterior elevations
    • structural layouts
    • fabrication drawings
    • material reports
    • manufacturing data
    • rendered images
    • 3D models

Vertex BD features the industry leading automatic house options system and the most customizable wood and light gauge steel framing generators available, saving countless hours and drastically reducing material waste. Manufacturing data may be transferred directly to automated equipment. Material reports may be exported to project management systems.

Argos Systems provides software sales and rentals, onsite training, customization services, and software support and maintenance for our parent company, Vertex Systems.

It's No Secret...

It's no secret that Vertex BD is not the cheapest building design software available. It is not a "one-size fits all" product to be delivered to the masses. It is an advanced software application designed with volume production in mind. Production home builders have been utilizing our industry leading Automatic House Options Manager to automate the process of generating lot specific drawing sets, while wood and cold-formed steel panelizers, component manufacturers, modular and manufactured home builders have taken full advantage of our extremely customizable framing generator to automate the generation of production drawings.

Our software rental program has been an effective way to take advantage of all the benefits without all of the upfront costs. Renting has also made it possible to test the software for an extended period, so you can be sure it is everything we say it is, before making that full purchase. Plus, we include our Support and Maintenance service with all software rentals at no additional charge!

*Support and maintenance is included with software rentals. Annual support and maintenance service may be purchased separately from purchase of software. Please contact Argos Systems for details.

For more details, visit www.argos.com

We Made It EASY!

Request your free Vertex BD Trial CD Now!

Click here to request pricing and your

Free 30-day Trial of
Vertex BD

for wood or cold-formed steel construction.

some restrictions apply

- Software Feedback -

Are there features you would like to see in Vertex BD?

We incorporate customer feedback into our development plans to make sure we continue to produce software solutions to fit your needs.

E-mail us at:

- Featured User Tip -

Clean Up
Duplicate Macros

Adding macros with a double-click, when you only need a single-click, is probably the number one reason why you end up with duplicate macros. The application automatically detects identical macros placed on top of each other, and lets you know about it.

To clean them up, go to the Macro Components menu, select the Advanced pop out menu, then select Check Macro Interference. You will see the duplicates highlight, and a prompt asking if you want to delete the duplicate macros.

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